Social Media: Are you going to be ‘in it to win it’?

Kehorne social media

How do you know if what you are doing on social media is working? Oh if we had an easy answer to this wouldn’t life be grand?

Sometimes it’s easy to tell. The comments increase, the “likes” increase, the phone goes – and you get more work. But, the reality is, it’s not anywhere near as cut and dried as that each time.

Because, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach here.

It can be all too easy to assume that if Interactions increase, along with likes, comments and more followers then social media is working for you. But your approach depends on your long and short term goals.

Know your target audience

First, you need to know where your customers ‘hang out’ and make sure you’re ‘hanging out’ in the same places. It’s not necessary; or the best use of your valuable time; to spread your brand across all platforms. It only gives you more to do and more to monitor.

Look at your analytics. In our opinion, social media (for most businesses) is essential. But if you don’t see positive results on one (or more) platform(s), stop using them. Focus your efforts and time on the ones that are working.

And, you have to remember, it’s not always about short term sales goals – you’re building your brand awareness; you’re building trust; you’re nurturing relationships. Social media is a long term strategy too.

How can you tell if business is improving?

From a practical point of view we’ve had “experts” tell us to monitor. Ask where the lead came from. But, when the phone goes it’s not always on your mind, particularly if this is not the “norm”. And when you are in the moment, talking on the phone and doing backflips because someone actually phoned you (yep – we’ve been there!) it’s not likely to be on your mind to ask.

If this is you, then tracking calls could be the answer. By putting a separate tracking number on each platform or sales message you can see where customers have found you (they all come through to your registered number, no need to have a new call centre set up in your office!).

Using a handy tracker tool will help you see where your leads are coming from, saving you both time and money.

So, should you bother with social media?

That depends! Think about your goals.

Are they short term: as in, we need sales now? Or are you in for the long haul, building long term relationships? They both run in tandem most of the time but both require a slightly different approach.

For example, if you provide a service you usually need a relationship to get a sale. Not many people will work with a firm they don’t know or at least have an understanding of. And that’s where social media can help as you can showcase your brand and your business personality.

Whereas if you’re selling a physical product, it’s often the product itself that clinches the sale (plus excellent customer service of course). Social media still works, here but the messaging is of course different.

We’re ‘in it to win it!’

We’re firmly in the camp of: we need to engage with social media. We see it as a form of networking and looking at the long game, as we mentioned above. We need to keep Kehorne in front of our potential customers so they can see what we’re about. What we specialise in; what our ethics are; what our goals are: and how they align with those of our potential customers.

That’s what will increase our business through social media. Because when the moment comes along that they need support with their website – then we are in the frame and on their radar. They already feel they know us.

The Kehorne team are not salespeople. We rely on our truthful integrity and business knowledge – no smoke and mirrors here.
Give us a shout if you need some guidance, we’d be delighted to help.