Quote Terms of Service


1. “Terms & Conditions” are these Terms & Conditions to provide services for the value of the Invoice/Quote attached to this document and shall be further subject to the terms of payment described in that Invoice.

2. “Kehorne Limited” is the Business Name of;

Kehorne Limited
Suite 6,
Dukes House,
4-6 High Street,

3. “Client” is the customer or client party to these Terms & Conditions.

4. “Services” are the services provided by Kehorne Limited for the purposes of these Terms & Conditions as defined in the paragraph below entitled “Services”.


5. Kehorne Limited shall provide the services of designing, training, consulting and/or programming to the Client according to these Terms & Conditions.

6. Kehorne Limited shall provide the service described in paragraph 5 above with reasonable professional skill and within a reasonable period of time.


7. The Client shall pay Kehorne Limited the fee agreed between the parties on or within 15 working days of completion unless otherwise expressly agreed or stated between the parties.


8. If Kehorne Limited is reasonably unable to continue provision of the Services in respect of para. 5 above, it shall remit to the Client any and all Services completed therein and shall not be obliged to refund any monies paid by the Client.

9. Kehorne Limited shall reserve the right to with draw the Services at any time during their provision where these Terms & Conditions are frustrated for reasons of non-payment or any breach of the obligations of the Client under these Terms & Conditions.


10. Kehorne Limited shall not knowingly engage in the provision of the Services where doing so may offend any parties or constitute an action unlawful or otherwise objectionable within the reasonable opinion of Kehorne Limited.

11. Kehorne Limited gives no warranty expressed or implied as to the quality of the Services other than that they shall be of a reasonable quality expected of a similar professional providing similar services.


12. The Client agrees to indemnify Kehorne Limited against any liability incurred by the Client in the course of the Client’s business where the use, distribution or publication of the product of the Services is concerned.

13. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 9 above, where Kehorne Limited is unable to continue providing the Services for reasons of insolvency, investigation, Force Majeure or illness, the Client is limited to the recovery of costs already paid to Kehorne Limited for the purposes of provision of the Services and Kehorne Limited shall not be liable whatsoever for any further losses.


14. By notice of these Terms & Conditions, the Client agrees to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of England & Wales.