New Brand Asset Management system

Simle BAMS

Kehorne has recently launched a new Brand Asset Management system – in our Q&A, MD David Horne talks about what they are, how you can use them and what the benefits for your business could be …..

1. Where did the idea originate from
We have built a number of these systems for large clients over the years, and can see the value in all brands owning one of these. BAMS’s are normally quite large complicated systems, but most smaller clients just need something straightforward to set up and manage. This version is a reworking of one we built for a larger client who wanted a simple tool to use for a very specific sub brand that they own.

2. Who is it for?
Although this is labelled as being a BAMS (Brand Asset Management System) it is in reality a DAMS (Digital Asset Management System), so it is aimed at smaller organisations that have up to 100 assets they want to make available and keep organised. This could be anything from branding collateral (logos, template poster artwork etc) to workout videos that are organised by type and then users can download.

As it is built in WordPress, it is simple to install and intuitive to use, so you do not need to be overly technical to manage it.

3. What are the benefits
Built in WordPress, it is cost effective, creates a central location and is password protected.

4. How long does it take to set up
Depending on the amount of personalisation, it could be as quick as two days, more personalised setups can take a couple of weeks.

5. What features does it have
The filters are easily customisable and allow you to sort your assets in a number of ways such as category, asset type, usage, format or audience (and more). Simply add your chosen assets to basket and download them as a .zip file.

6. Are there any technical considerations that I might need to make
The technical side is all related to the type of assets you want to add to the system, if you have a lot of large artwork files or videos, then the hosting needs to be more robust than if you just have a number of smaller images you want to add. We can give a bespoke recommendation on what hosting is suitable after a conversation with you about how you want to use it.

7. Can you provide a training bolt-on for staff on how to use it?
We have a number of videos showing how to use the system, but all new versions include a 1 hour one to one training session. Visit our demo site here: SimpleBAMS demo site.

About David Horne

David has been building websites for the past 20 years, and prior to that taught Web Design & 3D Animation at an FE College. Over the past 20 years David has worked with global brands as well as local businesses to create bespoke digital solutions to their unique problems

Click Here to see the SimpleBAMS demo site