Machine Learning Summit

machine learning

Kehorne presented at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Artificial Intelligence seminar today (15th May 2018) in Bracknell where David Horne spoke on the rise in Machine Learning and its impact on the future world we live in.

This backed up some articles we did in the past on this topic and of course it has become so much more a part of our lives as Artificial Intelligence is being brought into our homes with Google and Amazon, not to mention where the world is going with driver-less cars and the impact of differing computer systems trying to out-think other systems on our roads.

For one brief moment I thought we were in a Utopian world where all systems would be talking and communicating with each other for the benefit of the masses, whereas what we might easily have are competing systems all trying to give their particular users an advantage. The amount of data flowing around from all the cars on the road sending packets of data to one another will bring another headache, as these on car systems try to make sense of all the data and then make decisions based on what they are learning of the environment around them. At present there is a limit on the computer power available to these systems as they also swallow up available power (which in the future electric car market will impact on available distances between charges).

So a trade off is already happening and the future of Artificial Intelligence will be an exciting an interesting time for us all…..

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