London Share Prices Fall

With the latest drop in the stock market (mainly from the USA markets) I wonder how this, if at all, effects businesses in the UK – or at least in the short term.

What I do realise is that most of the UK shares that drop in price, it is nothing to do with how they are actually running. Yesterday they were making money and today they continue in exactly the same way but with a lower share price.

If anyone deals in shares perhaps this should be seen as a buying opportunity! I put my money where my mouth is and bought a FTSE100 company share and now await the recovery (whilst not holding my breath)! #

What I do know is that at Kehorne we have very talented people who have some great business experience – experience borne from years in industry through good time and bad and we like to use this to help our clients. We don’t just produce a website solution but help with advice on how best to put a solution together. The success of our clients is important to us, as is doing a job that is above and beyond what was expected. Attention to details are always under rated but equally important. Any comments on the general situation in the London Stock Exchange would be most gratefully received so feel free to comment…..