Kehorne and our two new brands

Some time ago we had a chat with a marketing guy who pointed out the issues with our main site ( because it was trying to (and failing) at pointing out what we do and in what markets.

Because we have a rather diverse client base the site was confusing, making us look too small for small for marketing and franchise companies to use us and too big for our SME market, so we split out the business into its two parts:- for our marketing and franchise clients who need to outsource digital work to a dedicated partner

Kehorne Digital for the SME market supplying website, designed, hosting and built.

So we decided to become our own client and work on these new sites getting our designer involved, re-evaluation of the content and messages, streamline the process and communication within the sites.

We came up with an initial scope for both projects that gave our designer a direction to work on with a brand guideline. This then gave us an initial design which we amended and then took into a build phase. This was done as a development site so it didn’t interfere with the existing site. The development site is a totally working site but held on a hosting package where only people who have specific access can look at it.

When we were happy with the new development site we asked a few of our clients what they thought of them. We had some great feedback, some good, some bad, but this then gave us a direction for improvements – in effect this was to be our Version 2 as much of the improvements would take time, we implemented any quick points and progressed the site into a live state.

What we always stress to our clients is that a website is a living and evolving thing that should grow as the company grows. In some ways it is never perfect and never finished, if too many people get involved in a project it just protracts the situation and decisions on the direction of the site can get lost. Simple sites with a clear message will always work well. Design, images and well written content is essential.

By the time you read this the Kehorne Digital site is into Version 2 with some more amends in the pipeline, Kespoke is Version 1 with much of the Version 2 already incorporated.

We hope you like them and we always like to hear your comments as it helps us move towards being an even better company.