Is “‘Quality, Price or Speed – Pick 2” still true?

quality price speed pick two

The saying “Quality, price or speed – pick 2” is almost a cliché now if you work in any kind of creative field, so much so that we often take it for granted. But trying to explain these concepts is one of the things we like to try and do with our social media. So let me try and explain it, and why this broadly agreed upon universal truth might have a useful exception to it.

The meaning is pretty much as straightforward as it sounds, and it makes a lot of sense when you start to play around with the concept in your head. Naturally anything of high quality that is produced at high speed is not going to be cheap. Equally anything produced quickly and cheaply is very unlikely to be of the highest quality. You can always have a bit of a debate around the exact definitions of “quality, price or speed”, but that’s missing the point of the saying. It’s as much about what outcomes you can feel confident in delivering, not what the end result will be in any specific case.

So if it holds true it’s a useful guide for clients on what is and isn’t feasible. At Kehorne we’ve always tried to deliver good quality, leaving the choice between price and speed largely up to the client. But there will always be clients that want all 3, and new tools and methods mean we think the rule is due a bit of a rewrite.
We think the rule should now actually be “Quality, price, speed and unique – pick 3”.

This is because we now have tools like pre-built themes for WordPress, and page builder tools like ‘Divi’. Means we can deliver quality results fast on a budget as long as the client isn’t bothered that their website might look very similar to someone else’s.

So if you want a completely bespoke and custom website, or you’re happy for us to put your spin on an existing template we can help you either way!

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