Is “Quality, Price or Speed – Pick 2” still true?

quality price speed pick two

The saying “Quality, price or speed – pick 2” is a cliché now if you work in any kind of creative or production field, but does it still hold true?

So let’s have a look at the meaning, if we think this is still a relevant view point, and are there any exceptions.

What does it mean?

It is also known at the Unattainable Triangle, but the meaning is pretty straightforward.  Anything of high quality that is produced at high speed is not going to be cheap. Equally anything produced quickly and cheaply is very unlikely to be of the highest quality.  And finally, if you want good quality and a good price then you are probably going to have a long turnaround time.

You can always have a bit of a debate around the exact definitions of “quality, price or speed” and this is where we think it is possible to revisit this saying.

At Kehorne we’ve always tried to deliver good quality, leaving the choice between price and speed largely up to the client. But there will always be clients that want all 3, and new tools and methods mean we think the rule is due a bit of a rewrite.  We think the rule should now actually be “Quality, price, speed and unique – pick 3”.  Often the reason that something high quality can be produced quickly and cheaply is that it is following a standard process – the “sausage machine”.  But of course, this then means that everyone is getting the same thing.

Some could argue that “unique” should be part of quality – but we still think it is possible to have something very high quality that is not necessarily unique. So it is still a question of what your priorities are – but you still can only pick 3.

How we can help

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