How to choose and set up an SEO key phrase

It’s how Google or any search engine will find your website.  For this reason, how to choose and set up an SEO key phrase could not be more important to the success of your website and business.

So let’s try and keep things simple….

How to choose and set up an SEO key phrase

Step 1

Ask yourself what you would put into Google to find what you do? 

Not sure? Ask your friends for suggestions. 

It should be a 3 or 4 word phrase and consider using a geographical word.

Step 2 

Use this and see what results you get from Google.

Too many results or not the same type of businesses? Then try another phrase.

Step 3

You have a phrase so now you need to add this into your website.

There are various places you need to do this:-

  1. Meta Code – there is a whole article on this but the Meta Title and Description is what we are talking about – please ask for help if you need it at this point as it’s outside the scope of this short article.
  2. In the Headings and main text on the web page

So what sort of phrases should you be looking for?

For example, for a hotel in Slough don’t just use “hotel” because this would give a huge amount of results, so maybe “hotel Slough” would be better but still loads of competition in the results.  So let’s try “budget hotel Slough” or “family budget hotel Slough” – it has to be aiming at or your point of difference because you are looking for something that stands you apart from the competition.

If this is your phrase then add it into the text as much as possible without it becoming unreadable, as it has to make sense to a human and appeal to the audience as much as Google – it’s a trade off against the human and the machine.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought but it’s a subject that can seem daunting but at a certain level it is actually rather simple – it’s the follow on from this where SEO can get very time consuming and expensive, but you never know, you might have cracked it already!  If you need help setting up an SEO keyphrase on your website, drop us a line

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