How making a social media video can be fun

Kehorne Paul Fogg

When I say fun I suppose you have to define “fun”. Perhaps difficult learning curve might be better!

I had fun doing this video – recording it was easy enough, mobile phone, stand to hold it, plug in £5 microphone and a cheap video editing package…. what could go wrong!

Overall I think it is more important to just get something out there – try to be as professional as possible but this often comes as you get more into doing videos and this works for the editing as well.

Strangely enough I got a bigger response to the badly edited video than the better one!

I had some great feedback from our office neighbours who produce videos – Resource Productions – with help to make the next filming session look better – I just hope I remember! So many small things to remember I can see why you would pay someone to do these for you, but please don’t take that the wrong way, because its a fun thing to get into and I actually love the editing – given enough time to work on it because it is a learning curve to get more interesting edits and effects into a video.

Have a look at the two videos and please feel free to comment – and of course any hints and tips always gratefully accepted.

Video 1

Video 2

By Paul Fogg

Kehorne Business Manager and head of video production