Happy New Year to you all!

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New Year, New start…so let’s use this time to get right into the housekeeping – especially the IT stuff that gets forgotten too often! It’s apparent in our line of work that lots of companies are still using Windows 7 – yes, it’s true…

So I did some testing so we could offer you the best advice on upgrading. Could you? Should you?

Well, yes…and yes!

The PC I used to run these tests was old – and I wondered if I could still upgrade from 7 to 10 for “free” – and guess what – so far so good. Most old PC’s will handle the upgrade, it’s just more of a problem if you have some hardware that won’t work with Windows 10. Such as a printer or wifi extender plugged in.

But in my opinion, it’s worth any small hassles, because safety must come first folks. Ensuring you keep the hackers at bay is much more important in the medium to long term. And, sometimes, even it does cost a little bit more; it’s probably easier than you think to upgrade – and worth it.

I imagine Microsoft is letting people upgrade because it’s not worth the flak they get from bad publicity. Far easier to give it away and get some positive PR. So why not take advantage of this. I suppose they know there will always be some who go out and either pay for it, or jump to a new machine to get it anyway…
For more detailed advice check out this article. You’ll find some good advice on how to go through the upgrade. So don’t delay any more…DO IT NOW!