Giving Back To The Community Means We All Win

I strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and helping others skill up. This belief has led me to spend many years sharing skills and devoting time sharing expertise, and my latest project is to dedicate six hours a month on an ad hoc basis to teaching on a Government-funded ‘Skills for Life’ program. In addition to this, my team and I also run a Community Interest Company (CIC) focused on empowering local groups by helping them establish an online presence while making the most of their marketing budget.

Opportunity To Access

One of the fundamental reasons behind our commitment to giving back to the community is the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to access valuable skills and knowledge. By teaching on the Skills for Life program, I contribute to equipping individuals with the necessary expertise to thrive in today’s competitive online world, where websites are vital.

Community Interest Company

Our CIC also plays a vital role in our community engagement. By helping local groups create websites, we enable them to make the most of their limited resources and enhance their online presence. We strongly believe in the potential of these groups to make a significant impact on society, and by supporting them effectively, we contribute to strengthening our community as a whole.

We Recruit Locally

An essential aspect of our commitment to giving back is our focus on recruiting from within the UK. We firmly believe in providing opportunities for individuals in our own communities, who may otherwise face barriers in accessing skills and employment. By prioritising local talent, we not only bridge the skills gap but also contribute to the growth and development of our local economy.

Bridging the Skills Gap

We recognise that the lack of essential skills can hinder individuals from achieving their full potential. By investing our time and resources in teaching and mentoring, we aim to close this gap, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to succeed. In doing so, we create a more inclusive and prosperous society for all.

A Rewarding Experience

Teaching on the ‘Skills for Life’ program and running our CIC are not merely philanthropic endeavors for us; they are personally rewarding experiences. The satisfaction derived from witnessing the growth and progress of individuals I have taught, or the success of local groups we have supported, is immeasurable. These experiences inspire us to continue giving back, as we witness the tangible impact our efforts have on our community.

Together, we can shape a better future for all.