Building stronger franchise networks

We help franchise organisations to stay connected, putting bespoke systems and processes in place that allow them to work and communicate more effectively. Whether advising a global hotel chain or UK-based franchise network, our team is expert at creating high quality and consistent experiences that add real value to the brand.

What we offer

Our tailormade solutions give franchise head offices greater visibility and control. They enable our clients to:

  • Collect and analyse data from across the network
  • Share information – from best practice to sales figures – instantly and consistently
  • Streamline existing processes and roll out new ways of working
  • Manage the introduction of new franchisees to the network

Understanding franchises

We recognise that the value of a franchise lies in both the brand and the working practices that underpin it – this is what new franchisees are buying into. When a franchise has invested in quality online systems, this sends a powerful message to potential purchasers. It reassures them that they can expect a consistently excellent experience when they join that network.


At Kehorne, we help franchises to run their existing systems in smarter ways and also to introduce new methods of working. Often this means they can avoid the huge expense of sending head office staff to individual franchises, but it can also be used to complement face-to-face visits.

Recent projects

Our work with a leading hotel group demonstrates how we help franchise networks refine existing practices and introduce new ones.
Creating and delivering an audit
We designed and delivered an audit process that allowed the client to gather information from around the network on its spa offering, analyse the data and manage the subsequent change programme. The project followed a number of clear stages:
Information gathering
We created an online questionnaire about the spa offering based on the client’s brief and created a secure log-in that gave individual hotels access to their own data. The log-in details were sent out on a bespoke emailer and we used the admin to allow the client to monitor activity so they could chase hotels not completing the questionnaire.
We exported data from the completed questionnaire in Excel format, making it simple for the client to analyse.
Introducing new processes
We recently completed a project for a leading hotel brand that helped to introduce brand new processes across the business.
The project centred on a website that communicated multiple new processes in detail and linked to other sources of information. Individual hotels logged in and uploaded documents and photos to demonstrate that they had completed various tasks. Head office could then track progress, contact hotels not logging in and sign off each task as it was completed. A league table on the homepage introduced a competitive edge which motivated hotels to complete the tasks quickly.
We designed a system that allowed the client to share its proposed changes with the individuals hotels, track their progress and chase those behind schedule. Hotels were able to provide evidence when work was completed and we exported final data so the client could review the final output.

Next Steps

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