Drop Shipping – whats it all about?

A man near a shipping container

A recent BBC article detailed what this is about but put simply it is someone who forms a simple “company”, looks on a China website that is like eBay, finds a product that is cheap, lists it on their own shop website at an inflated margin and then starts selling it. When someone buys it then it gets shipped direct to the consumer from China without the new seller ever actually going to China or holding the product.

Massive profits can be made if it is done well BUT the quality of these items can be terrible or there is the issues that they may not arrive at all with the end consumer. The Drop Shipper often does not care about the quality of the product and in some cases they don’t even try and get them shipped, complete fraud!

Drop Shipping is also legal! As long as certain aspects of the selling process are following the law there is nothing wrong with this, anyone can set up in business….

Worryingly easy or just worrying? Good or bad, its here to stay for now….

Have you come across this?

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