Ditton Park

Ditton Park

Kehorne went to an event run by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce at Ditton Park in Datchet on 6th October which was covering the Digital Transformation and how the ever changing digital environment is impacting on companies large and small.
We arrived at the venue and were amazed to see such a glorious building set on the outskirts of Slough – somewhere we had all driven past so many times, it is within a few hundred metres of the M4. There is a bridge over a moat through a gatehouse into the main courtyard. There has been some form of estate here since 1066 and it gets a mention in the Doomsday Book in 1086. The main building was rebuilt in 1817 after a fire and the moat was built in 1917. Its an impressive entrance.

The estate stayed was with the Montagu family until 1917 when it was compulsorily purchased by the Admiralty under the Defence of the Realm Act during the Great War. In February 1935 a draft memo entitled “Detection and Location of Aircraft by Radio Methods” was presented by Robert Watson-Watt. The theory leading directly to Radar had been born!

In 1997 Computer Associates (now CA Technologies) bought the property and built a new head office in the grounds, leaving this amazing set of building to be used as function rooms and meeting rooms.

So enough about that, more about the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce event.

This was very interesting to hear from 3 speakers all with a technology background. CA Technologies GM Marco Comastri gave an insightful talk about the Application Economy, how internet Apps are being used within major businesses to drive their businesses forward.

Hamish Phillips is the Regional Sales Manager for Tesla Motors, and gave a great talk about the cars they currently build and the ones in the pipeline. They are more digitally connected than most “normal” cars because everything is electric, they benefit from always being connected to the internet and any updates to software can just be downloaded to the cars.

Robin Horrex CEO of MBC gave a talk about brands and how they need to stand out in the current environment. The comapny have had major success in recent years and play heavily upon the modern applications and social media.

These events are always a great opportunity to hear from other local businesses and gives chances to talk and discuss with like-minded individuals about the current trading issues. I hate using the term “networking” but this is essential in today’s business environment.