1 in 20 people are mobile shopping daily

Online Shopping

Is your web site mobile friendly? We call it “responsive” and now one in 20 Britons (that’s 2.5 million people) say they use their mobile phones to shop EVERY DAY! This study by Criteo found that clothing is the most popular item to shop for followed by music and film. The most common place to do this mobile shopping? While watching TV. Is this a reflection on the UK TV? The next most used location is the bedroom. Sleep habits can be badly interrupted by use of technology before bed, so perhaps this is not advisable, but the trend is definitely there.

Criteo’s dive into 1.4 billion online transactions finds that four in 10 purchases occur across multiple devices or channels. Of that figure, close to one-third are completed on a mobile device, indicating that consumers are using numerous devices along their path to purchase and are regularly buying on mobile. Again the trend is an increase use of mobile devices for browsing and shopping and this is set to continue as the roll out of high speed mobile internet continues.

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