Cross Reference May 3rd

Photo of people at Cross Reference Networking group in Gerrards Cross

Another busy meeting today with a couple of guests:-

Belinda Ellis from the Hospice Lottery

Sarah Coetzee from Roast Lab Coffee

The talks today were from our members :-

Roger Rawlinson who went over his recent findings on SME’s productivity and the low levels compared to our European counterparts – and no jokes on Brexit please! He has surmised that this low level is due to leadership and management issues, where there are issues with communication, recruitment amongst other things. I would guess its a Top Down Management issue and only by proper training will these issues get resolved.

Ash Taylor gave us an insight into his approach to coaching people and not the businesses they are working in. His other outstanding point was with the 80/20 rule where we should not be trying to do what the competition is doing because they are probably doing things wrong – as 80% of people are either just getting by or struggling in business – so why copy them!