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SloughCVS Awards

We built this site as our sponsorship for the annual SloughCVS Awards (along with its partner site for Windsor) and is part of our commitment to support local good causes. The site is designed to be the main focal point for the annual awards ceremony, and allows visitors to find out more about the awards. You can also nominate groups or individuals for specific awards and to see the previous years winners. The site has a limited admin where nominees can be viewed and downloaded, and users that have registered for more information can be managed. The main content on the site is managed directly by us, as part of our sponsorship agreement.

Kehorne wrote the technical specification (project scope) based on client supplied requirements, designed the website from the client’s brief and generated all the HTML from our designs, built and tested all the functions and the background Content Management System. We host and provide technical support for the site. The client is able to manage parts of the site through our custom-built Content Management System.

The whole site was built in PHP and MySQL, with our own Content Management System managing the system. The HTML was built using Bootstrap, to ensure that it was fully responsive across all platforms.