Charity begins at home – Really?

Charity Dinner at the Rose and Crown

Does Charity begin at home?

Well, in my case charity just begins and should never finish!

Some of my favorite charities are local because I feel they are much more personal and I can easily connect with what they stand for.

At Kehorne we do try our best to help local charities and good causes – some of our clients are in this bracket and we know how hard they have to work to help the causes they believe in. So we do our bit as much as possible, but bragging about it is just not something that we should be doing – but helping and promoting them is another matter!

With that in mind, I have got myself a couple of tickets to the Midas Plus fundraising dinner on Thursday April 7th . The charity is based in Staines and helps local people who are finding it difficult to get help from any other charity groups. For instance they helped a local lady who was moved into accommodation with her child but the new flat had no carpets – not good for her young child. So Midas Plus stepped in to  help.

If you think you can get involved with them follow the link and talk to Mike who would be more than happy to help.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to my night out with some really super people and doing a little to help out.