Can You Help Us?

Kehorne web site developers Slough

How often have I met another web design company and actually found that they cover such a different market or do something so completely different that the two companies are not actually in competition at all!

What amazes me more is that other designers/developers instantly see other similar companies as competition and just refuse to talk. Without a little dialog there will never be a way to see if there is a possible way that you can work with others.

We have trading relationships with many other web designers and developers because we often find that we come across another business who, for one reason or another, we are unable to help, perhaps because of their budgets or expertise in an area they are unfamiliar with.

Some companies specialise in small startup company sites whilst others would not entertain talking to a startup unless the budget is in the hundreds or thousands!

Kehorne are happy to discuss what we can offer and we look actively to help other local businesses.

If you are looking for a local company that puts you and your business interest first then please contact us to see how we can help you progress your business.