Breakfast Networking and GDPR

Networking Slough

On Friday 23rd I attended the regular J6 breakfast networking held by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and this month there was (apart from a good cooked breakfast) a talk about GDPR. Now before you automatically switch off let me make one point that might help you….. what I did learn was as time ticks closer to the deadline more detail is emerging about how to deal with this in a practical way and  I did learn some useful pointers during the meeting….

Todays talk was by Harriet Jones and Andrew Salmon .

Today’s gems were on consent to use emails for marketing – something I know many small businesses are concerned about, and that of the general data out in the world, about 52% of this is termed “Dark Data” which means it is not used in any manner to derive insights or for decision making – thus just stored useless data that should now be culled out of our systems.

Email marketing is always a contentious area. Most small businesses would have a nightmare getting anyone to “reconfirm” that anyone wants to be signed up to the monthly company emailer. So whats the best way forward?

Some advice is that  we all cull  our current email lists and just remove anyone who never even opened an email – not a ridiculous idea and perhaps this is just common sense.

Make sure your website contact form as an “unsubscribe” button as well – this is very important as it appears to be specifically mentioned in the legislation – or very heavily implied.