Blogs and Websites

Blogs and Websites – what’s the big deal?

Some people still see a Blog as a totally separate thing to a website when in my view if you have a website you should have a Blog and I’ll try to explain why in a simple way.

What I should point out is a bit of history because a Blog was and can still be a stand alone thing. If you are doing a round the world trip and you want to Blog about what is going on every day then why have a website AND a blog? Might be useful but not necessary.

If you have a website then having a Blog is just as important because each blog entry is seen by Google as a new page and shows the website is current, being used and growing. Blog = new content = love from Google as content is king!

Do you think social media is good for your business? You might even be doing some and the advantage of a blog is as an anchor for your social media. Do a blog first with a long article about your topic, then use social media to point people to this article. Once on your website you can give them more reasons to do business with them.

What is worth mentioning is that you should not attempt to overdo blogging – only commit to what you can do on a regular basis, if that’s a post a week or a month, but don’t start to do one a day and give up after a week! Social media is all about the long game, building an online profile, and that takes time.

If you need some extra advice or help on this topic, do get in touch – it would be great to chat.