Black Friday

Another USA import and it is starting to look like it is here to stay. There seems to be 2 obvious camps here. The “I’m off shopping” or the “I’m staying away from the shops”.

I will profess that I visited a shop today and found the offers wasted on me, and also a very quiet shop! I got what I wanted (very boring piece of TV cabling) and left in super fast time with no hint of a discount.

I’m also a cynic and don’t now trust these so called discounts – exactly how long can the sale go on for at Carpetright and DFS! So often the retailers have moulded the laws and worked around the values so that the discount being offered is no more or less than a previous price. Genuine offers are really hard to come by – personal opinion!

So before you rush out to buy all those presents, just try doing the usual shopping around to see if the offered sale price is really such great value.

If anyone finds an amazing deal on a Kindle – let me know!