Backing up your Website

Backing up your Website

How often have you heard someone say you should back up your data? Well it is just as important to back up your web site.

Not many people do this and the other issue that can effect the backup is that you may have backed up the exact thing that caused the issue in the first place. For example if someone has hacked and loaded a virus into your site it could be in the backup that you are going to use to restore your site.

What you need is a system to do backups on a regular basis, depending upon the amount of changes that occur on your site this could be monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.

At Kehorne we automatically backup our clients websites and databases for no extra charge. This gives us the opportunity to go back several times to find a stable version of a site, and we have had to rescue sites on several occasions when people did not even realise we had copies saved of their sites.

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