Back Heathrow – FSB Networking

Kehorne attended the FSB evening event hosted by the Slough Aspire o March 14th where the main topic was the expansion of Heathrow. Although this has been planned and talked about for over 40 years it would now appear that it has the backing of the Government and more importantly it has the backing of the Opposition MP’s, or enough backing for it to happen.

The main speaker was Rob Gray of the Back Heathrow campaign which is obviosuly biasised in favour of the expansion but it can be argued that they are giving a voice to the silent majority in this campaign.

The FSB are fully behind Heathrow expansion.
A hotly emotive subject at the best of times but surely important to the UK and our continued prosperity – especially during the next 10 years when Brexit and it’s impacts will continue to reverberate within our economy.