Are You Working with Local Companies

Graphic of Britain and smiley faces - Kehorne working with local business

We all seem to think this is a good idea but how many of us actually do this?

During lockdown, I went to a local independent restaurant and bought a takeaway. I have known the guy who owns it for years (our daughters have been at the same schools), we both own local businesses, but the thanks I got for putting some business his way was humbling. I gave him a great review.

But local goes beyond just your local restaurant because we all can do more business within the area we live in. In most cases if we deal with people we meet in person (in normal conditions), we will hopefully get better service because we start to have a personal relationship and the communications will be better and quicker. We start to work more efficiently with each other, instead of lengthy conversations we can cover points in minutes not hours and skip through issues easily.

Local may not be the cheapest option but if you are buying anything on just price at some point things will unravel.

At Kehorne we see this time and time again. Anyone can get a cheap website from the person working in their bedroom, but when push comes to shove and you really need help, will they still be working in the bedroom or fast asleep?

Support Local – I don’t think you will be disappointed and if it’s a website you need …. Kehorne are just around the corner! Give us a call so we can advise you.